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For intimate or facial waxing, we only use hot Lycon wax, for two reasons: it’s the least painful form of waxing and it causes less reddening of the skin. Lycon uses the finest resins with essential oils and ensures minimal ingrown hair.

Procedure Time: 15-60mins

Before Treatment: Hair must be at least 5mm long to achieve optimum results. If you have shaved, please wait 2-3 weeks before waxing

Often Booked With: Tinting services

Aftercare: No sweating/exercising for 48 hours, avoid alcohol for 48 hours, gently exercise the face and avoid touching the face for 24 hours

Back To Work: Immediately

Frequency: Intimate areas should be done at least every 4 weeks and other areas at least every 2-3 weeks

Brazilian (30mins) £44
Sicilian (30mins) £41.80
Hollywood (30mins) £48.40
Hi bikini (30mins) £30.80
Bikini (15mins) £24.20
Eyebrow shape (15mins) £22
Upper lip (15mins) £12.10
Cheek (15mins) £13.20
Eyebrow tidy (15mins) £18
Eyebrow tint (15mins) £16.50
Eyebrow tidy & tint (30mins) £27.50
Lash tint (15mins) £25
Chin (15mins) £12.10
Full leg (45mins) £44
Half leg (30mins) £30.80
Forearm (15mins) £27.50
Underarm (15mins) £22