We now offer all lobe and cartilage piercings using Studex System 75. They provide allergy-free fashion earrings for consumers of all ages. Earring styles range from gold plated & stainless steel, 9ct gold & titanium.

We also provide nose piercing using the Medisept system of Studex allowing a safer and easier piercing method, using titanium nose studs.

All piercings include earrings/nose studs of your choice and an after piercing lotion.

Procedure Time: 15-30 mins

Treatment Cost: £35-50

Often Booked With: Waxing

Aftercare: Cleaning using the aftercare lotion at least twice per day & do not remove for 6 weeks (lobe piercings), 12 weeks (cartilage & nose)

Back To Work: Immediately, with precautions

Frequency: N/A