Massage at The Bellissima Clinic







Massage helps to relieve tensions, aches, pains and aims to relax the muscle tissue by using a kneading technique. Our massage therapist will ensure problem areas are targeted precisely to uplift and relax the body. You can speak with the practitioner on the day of you appointment and choose from a range of massage techniques


Why Should You Treat Yourself to a Deep Tissue Massage? - Tantra Nectar

Deep Tissue Massage 

* Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve aches, pains and knots within the body. It works by promoting faster healing by increasing the blood flow and reducing inflammation

Procedure Time: 30-60 mins

Treatment Cost: £35-65

Often Booked With: Facials

Aftercare: Avoid heavy lifting and any other activity that can cause strain to the body for at least 24 hours

Back To Work: Immediately

Frequency: Every 2-4 weeks depending on frequency of joint pain and aches