Intimate Whitening

Intimate WhiteningIntimate Whitening & Lightening | Coral Gables Med Spa

Intimate whitening is a beauty trend in which clients “lighten” the skin around their anus to create a lighter and more even skin tone.

This all-season, non-traumatic, comfortable cosmetic treatment is designed to lighten the skin for those who feel uncomfortable with their intimate body areas. This can be due to dark spots and discolouration created by the concentration of melanocytes, or to the loss of youthfulness and tone. This skin whitening treatment is suitable for the anus, the skin around the anus and crack, inner thighs & perineum.

A clear difference in the skin tone will be noticeable already after 1 treatment. The treatment is suitable for both light and dark skin types, typically a 2-3 shades lighter skin is achieved on those areas of hyperpigmentation. Your natural base skin tone will be maintained so you will achieve an amazing bright even skin that will blend in with the buttocks and other intimate areas.

Before the treatment…

To prepare the skin you will need to :

  • Wax 5-7 days before (this time is needed for the skin to completely recover from waxing) or
  • Shave 1-2 days before

…after the treatment

To speed up and enhance the results it is very important to use the home care skin brightening lotion that you will receive after the treatment.

Once the whitening process from the intimate bleaching treatment starts to kick in, the changes will dramatically speed up.

Procedure Time: 60 mins

Treatment Cost: £275 per session /£770 for 3 sessions (recommended)

Often Booked With: Hollywood wax or Brazilian wax

Aftercare: No hot shower, no saunas, no exercise for at least 24-48 hours

Back To Work: Immediately

Frequency: If 3 sessions are booked, this should be done every 4 weeks or if you would like 1 session, it is suggested this is done every 4-6 months to maintain results