Eye Lashes

Eye Lashes

Team Members: Clare & Sophia

Lashes are an important beauty aspect for a female. We have a range of lash services suitable for all ages that will leave you feeling beautiful! Patch tests are required for all new clients

Eye Lashes FAQ’s 

  • I am pregnant, can I get my lashes done? We do not recommend eyelash treatments to be done during pregnancy due to the fluctuation of hormones within the body, which could cause adverse reactions
  • I am new, do I need a patch test before my lash extension appointment? If you have had lash extensions within the past 6 months, a patch test is not required
  • I am new, do I need a patch test before my LVL appointment? Yes, even if you have had LVL elsewhere, we patch test all clients who have not had the treatment with us



Elleebana Lash Lift | Natural Touch Therapy & Training | Blackburn, Lancashire


*LVL (length, volume & lift) is the perfect treatment for those desiring a naturally enhanced look without application of eyelash extensions using Elleebana. This is a vegan product from Australia with the meaning of ‘Beautiful’. It is a natural and low maintenance treatment with no harsh perming techniques and effect lasts up to 6 weeks. This treatment includes a lash tint – a patch test well needed at least 24 hours prior to your appointment

Procedure Time: 60 mins

Treatment Cost: £66

Often Booked With: Brow tidy & tint

Aftercare: Avoid saunas, steam rooms and exercise for at least 48 hours, avoid perfumed products or heavy makeup for at least 24 hours and avoid frequent touching of the face

Back To Work: Immediately

Frequency: Every 4-6 weeks


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