Bol D’Air Cellular Oxygenation

Bol D’Air Cellular Oxygenation

Bol D’Air is a unique appliance which improves cellular oxygenation in a simple, natural way, with few constraints and without hyper-oxygenation or risks involving free radicals. Due to the lack of oxygen our cells absorb within our over-polluted environment, this is a great way to restore the cells for maximum absorption.

Bol D’ Air is great for: fatigue, respiratory problems, sinuses, those partaking in regular fitness and restoring optimum energy levels. All you need is a maximum of 5 minutes, and just breathe… It’s that simple!

Allocated Staff: Clare, Asia & Sophia

Procedure Time:  2-5 mins

Treatment Cost: £2 per minute

Often Booked With: N/A

Aftercare: N/A

Things To Look Out For After Treatment: Mild migraine/light-headed (this is completely normal)

Downtime: None

Frequency: This can be done from a few times per day to a few days per month