6 things for hairstylist wishes you knew

A few points to make sure you get the most out of your next appointment.

1 – Take inspiration

Balayage Beach BlondeTaking a picture with you to the salon is an easy means to get the result you’re going for. Especially when it comes to colour (try describing caramel blonde without a picture. Images will help your stylist to envisage what you’re after.

2 – set realistic expectations

A good stylist won’t sacrifice the health of your hair to give you your dream colour. It’s important to understand that doing too much to your hair too quickly can cause significant damage. Be realistic with your expectations – brown to platinum is a big job, so don’t be disappointed if your stylist isn’t willing to take your hair to platinum blonde in one sitting. She’s trying to save your hair from irreversible damage.

3 – boundaries outside of work

If you get the sense that your stylist likes you, they probably do! Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t have boundaries set up to balance their work and life. So don’t be offended if they don’t respond to your midnight hair questions or if they don’t have time in their schedule to listen to you chat after your appointment is through.

4 – It’s not awkward

Do you ever find yourself trying to keep the conversation going with your stylist during your appointment? Don’t feel like you have to keep up the conversation to avoid awkwardness. It is not awkward. Quiet clients can be a special treat and you might get a better result

5 – Empty chairs equal empty bank accounts

Most people assume we get paid by a boss, but if we don’t have a client in our chair no money is coming in. Why is this so important for you to know? Because last-minute cancellations are a huge stressor for hairstylists. When you don’t show up for your appointment or call a few hours before to cancel, your stylist probably won’t have time to rebook your appointment.


6 – Be on time 

We all have busy lives But, ‘five minutes late’ makes a huge difference to your hairstylist. It could sacrifice a tea break or hold up a whole host of appointments. Try to let your stylist know if you’re running late.

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